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Brand Story

Inno Casa The story of light

Light is one of the most important elements in life. It has been 24 years since Inno Casa established. Creativity, health and being eco- friendly has always been our design concept. All of our products are created based on one’s needs. Apart from an elegant and distinct design, we strive to create more practical and beneficial products which would appeal to every age group.


We truly believe in the idea of “light up your home to light up your life”, to embrace a healthy lifestyle. In recent years, our Himalayan salt lamps have been a big hit. The Himalayan rock salt contains a lot of minerals; it releases negative ions which could purify air, calm allergies, reduce asthma andimprove sleep. This salt lamp is especially important to families with elderlies, or children. The Himalayan salt lamp has gradually become a necessity at home, office and many other places. The widespread of Himalayan salt lamps promotes a healthy lifestyle.


Inno Casa doesn’t only represent unique and delicate lights, we also provide warmth to families all around the world.


We improve our product line everyday by creating distinctive and unique lightings.In order to create products that are practical, stylish and environmentally friendly, our designer team from all around the world have rich experiences and have a full understanding of marketing trends. Our goal is to provide high quality lightings which creates a warm and loving atmosphere for different families.


One thing that never changed is the idea of environmental protection. From our working environment and material use, to our machining process and package design; we have been doing our very best to reduce energy usage and carbon footprint. We want to save our future generations and protect our environment.


Inno Casa is inspired by the importance of light. We put in our expectations, liveliness and happiness into each of our products. We want our products to lighten up people’s day; we hope everyone can feel the love and hope we felt while creating our products. This is our mission.